What Can Ticket to Work Do For You?

In addition to lifting you out of poverty and on the path to financial freedom, here are a few other reasons to explore employment:

  • Nine months of Trial Work without losing any benefits
  • The Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) allows you to set aside money to pay for education and employment expenses
  • If you participate in the Ticket to Work Program and make “timely progress” following your individual work plan, Social Security will not conduct a review of your medical condition
  • You can continue to receive your Medicaid benefits as long as you receive a benefits check of any amount and for up to 7 years after your cash payments stop
  • If your job ends within 5 years (because of your same disability) you will not need to reapply for benefits
  • The monthly amount of your Social Security retirement pension does not grow while you are receiving benefits, but if you return to work, you have a chance to increase your SSA retirement.
  • Aids in initial and continued recovery from mental health challenges

Other Services

Job placement through the Great Minds @ Work Supported Employment (IPS) Program:

  • Job search assistance that focuses on good, competitive jobs
  • Career exploration and labor market information
  • Resume development
  • Information regarding work incentives and post-employment benefits
  • SSA Benefits Planning assistance
  • Coordination with Mental Health team

After job placement:

  • Post-employment benefits
  • Identification/advocacy for reasonable accommodations
  • On-site job coaching if necessary
  • On-going case management (provides encouragement and support)
  • Reemployment assistance (if necessary for as long as necessary)