Myths vs. Facts about Benefits

Don’t let these myths stand between you and financial freedom!

Myth: If I go to work, I will lose my health care coverage.
FACT: If you receive a benefit check of any amount you will keep your health insurance. Even if your earnings rise to a level that you stop receiving benefits, you can keep your health insurance.

Myth: If I go to work, Social Security will perform a medical review on me and I will lose my benefits.
FACT: Work does not trigger a medical review. Social Security will not conduct a medical review while your Ticket is in use and you are making progress toward your work goals.

Myth: If I go to work then have to stop working, I will have to reapply for benefits all over again.
FACT: There are many safety nets Social Security has in place to keep this from happening. Example: If you earn enough from work so you no longer need benefits, but your disability becomes worse and you have to stop working (within 5 years of your last benefit,) Social Security will start your benefit again under the Expedited Reinstatement work incentive.

Myth: There is no help available to assist me in going to work. I have to do this all on my own.
FACT: You’re not on your own! There are many programs that can help you:
• IPS Supported Employment
• Work Incentives
• Benefit Planners