The Good News is: Treatment Works!

For Current Employees, Treatment Works

The negative financial impact of mental health disorders (and the stigma attached) on your business can be minimized by taking a few pro-active steps.

Here is what you can do to reduce or eliminate stigma in your business

  • Educate yourself, managers and supervisors about mental health disorders
  • Calculate the cost of Mental Health conditions in your workplace. Use free tools such as the depression calculator and web-based alcohol calculators.
  • Offer mental health screening
  • Ensure that your organization has a Mental Health friendly culture. Use the Mental Health Culture Assessment Tool here.
  • Establishing an Employee Assistance Program -EAP (or promoting the one you have) 65% to 80% of people with mental health disorders will improve with appropriate diagnosis and treatment (a better success rate than for cancer, heart disease or diabetes).
  • Identify and partner with local community organizations or groups that provide mental health services or counseling go to this page for a listing of Behavioral Health Organization resources.

Click here for a listing of all of the Mental Health Organizations and resources in your area (Washington state.)