About Mental Health

Four Things Every Employer Needs To Know About Mental Health

32.4% or 75 Million Americans experience a mental health condition each year.

  • Mental illness and substance abuse are serious, common and costly to business 32.4% or 75 million Americans experience Mental Health Conditions (mental health, disorder, condition, substance abuse) each year.
  • Research conclusively shows that depression and other mental illness and substance abuse disorders are a major cause of lost productivity and absenteeism In the US an estimate of 217 billion workdays is lost annually because of lost productivity related to mental health issues costing employers $17 billion. The total loss due to mental health is between $79-105 billion per year in turnover, absenteeism and lost productivity
  • The effectiveness of treatment for Mental Health conditions is well documented and has improved dramatically over the past 50 years. For most Mental Health conditions found in the workplace, there is a range of well-tolerated and effective treatments. Effective treatment for mental health conditions will have a net positive impact on employees and your bottom line through increased productivity, less absenteeism, disability and a wide range of other definable indirect costs.
  • The biggest barrier to employees seeking treatment for Mental Health conditions is the stigma. In spite of increased awareness and openness about mental health conditions, the social stigma remains a significant barrier to well-being and may deter an employee from seeking help.