Mental Health Disorders At Work

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one of every five American adults experiences mental illness, the most common are anxiety disorders and major depression.

Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Stephen Langer, director of Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center in Olympia Washington, explains that anxiety and […]

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Jane Pauley; No Stress Here

Jane Pauley replaces Charles Osgood as host of CBS Sunday Morning Jane Pauley replaces Charles Osgood as host of CBS Sunday Morning
Great Minds @ Work: Jane Pauley; multi-award-wining journalist, wife, mother, advocate, bipolar disorder

As much as we enjoyed Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning, we are […]

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Great Minds at Work Employment Conference

Great Minds at Work Conference
“66% of people with mental health issues want to work, less than 20% are employed.”1
“Few things are worse for people’s physical and mental health than unemployment.”2
“I don’t know anybody who wants to be poor.”3
“Everybody gets a tickey mark when agencies collaborate and clients […]

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Millennials; Stigma Resistant?

Kristen BellThe fact that more and more celebrities are feeling free to come forward and talk about their mental health challenges is very encouraging. What impresses me (aside from the fact that they stare stigma in the face and say, “Sc*** You,”) they are very articulate […]

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Inslee Announces Study to Determine Shortages of Behavioral Health Professionals

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has announced that the states Workforce Board, in partnership with the Health Workforce Council, will evaluate current and projected shortages of behavioral health professionals. Behavioral health encompasses mental health as well as behaviors such as drug and alcohol use. The assessment will […]

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