Washington Foundational Community Support Program

The Foundational Community Support program (FCS) is for Medicaid recipients who have certain behavioral or physical health conditions. Eligible individuals may be referred to the program by their doctor, health plan or another provider. Individuals can work with their healthcare providers to see if they qualify to participate in the program.

“Through Healthier Washington, the federal government allows for funded innovative programs for eligible Medicaid recipients to receive supported employment and/or housing,” says Torri Canda, LICSW, Innovative Programs Integration Director of Amerigroup Washington. “Health Care Authority has contracted with Amerigroup as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Foundational Community Support.”

FCS starts with a housing and employment coordinator. They’ll get to know the person and their care team — doctors, counselors, caretakers and family. Together with a provider, they’ll set goals and figure out what services are required to meet them.

Living on Your Own

Supportive housing services, also called community support services, helps those qualified find a place to live and get the support needed. Coordinators can help:

  • Find housing that meets needs, including cost, location and setting
  • Understand how to sign a lease and work with a landlord
  • Learn skills for living independently

An individual may qualify for Supportive Housing Services if he/she needs support to get or keep housing, is 18 or older and has one or more of the following:

  • A history of homelessness
  • Lived in a residential or nursing facility
  • Multiple or long-term stays in hospitals or prisons
  • Need a lot of help with complex health issues
  • Had a lot of in-home caregivers

Getting a job

Supported employment services, also called individual placement and support, can help:

  • Look for the right job
  • Get ready for the interview
  • Succeed in the job by teaching helpful routines and working with a supervisor to ensure the employee receives the aid and support needed

An individual may qualify for Supported Employment Services if he/she needs support to get or keep a job, is 16 or older and one or more of the following is true:

  • Age, disability or injury, or health issues make it hard to keep a job
  • An individual has received substance use treatment in the hospital or at a facility
  • An individual is in the Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) program

*The conditions listed above do not guarantee eligibility.

For more information, view the Healthier Washington FCS  Frequently Asked Question and Washington Health Care Authority Initiative 3 website.

For assistance finding a provider through Amerigroup, visit https://providers.amerigroup.com/pages/wa-foundational-community-supports.aspx

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