We Need to Talk About Mental Health at Work

While 28 percent of all women in our survey said their mental health had affected their job, a whopping 41 percent of those 18 to 29 felt that way. But experts don’t think that means women in this age bracket are doing worse. “Young women are more willing to acknowledge these issues, and they have the language to talk about them,” says Dr. Nestler. Adds Dr. Holland, “It’s one of the weird side effects of social media: It’s made people more comfortable disclosing their diagnoses, and millennials seem to have a wider interpretation of what ‘mental health’ means [beyond the clinical].”

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Depression: A Costly Condition for Businesses

Why are more employers focusing on workplace mental health? Because they recognize it is costly to ignore. Depression costs employers an estimated $44 billion each year in lost productivity. About half of employees with depression are untreated. Yet with proper treatment, people with depression can get better. The key is to help employees access effective care.

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Workshop: Breaking Through Obstacles to Employment and Life Goals

Great Minds at WorkOn Friday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., WorkSource Redmond is hosting a Barriers Busters Workshop. A speaker representing Great Minds at Work– will be a speaker at this event.

This workshop is for employers, employees and job seekers working with a disability. We’ll explore options for employment with a disability, benefit planning & finding complimentary jobs. Network with providers directly & learn about services & supports at our resource fair.

The workshop organizer offer a practical ‘How-To’ series for breaking through obstacles to employment and life goals.

WHEN Friday, March 30, 2018, 10am – 12pm
WHERE WorkSource Redmond
7735 178th Place NE
Redmond, WA 98052
CONTACT PHONE 425-861-3700
CONTACT EMAIL esdgprcs@esd.wa.gov
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ATTENTION: Admission to workshops is first-come, first serve. Come to WorkSource Redmond the day of the event and ask for a ticket. Come at least an hour early for popular workshops. Be sure you have registered on WorkSourceWA.com. (If you opened an unemployment claim this was done automatically for you.)
WEB LINK worksourcewa.com

Do Wellness Programs Make Employees More Productive?

“A survey by the Employee Benefit News magazine said that 31 percent of respondents rated mental illness as the number one reason for loss of productivity.

This is important, because with one in four adults experiencing some type of mental illness, wellness programs have become about more than just physical health. That’s why adding mental illness to overall wellness is now synonymous with physical wellness. We all lead fast lives, and that can cause our stress levels to skyrocket.”

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Managing Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace: Can Health Tech Help?

Close-up of people communicating while sitting in circle and gesturing

Reflecting on the many changes over my working life; starting in the City as a trainee accountant, when computers were the size of a room and auditors worked with Tipp-Ex and calculators; I recall the daily struggle and fear as I adapted to corporate life in a traditional, stiff upper lip environment, where admitting to stress was not an option!

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