Jane Pauley; No Stress Here

Jane Pauley replaces Charles Osgood as host of CBS Sunday Morning Jane Pauley replaces Charles Osgood as host of CBS Sunday Morning
Great Minds @ Work: Jane Pauley; multi-award-wining journalist, wife, mother, advocate, bipolar disorder

As much as we enjoyed Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning, we are thrilled to see Jane Pauley at the helm of the most inspiring news program on TV. Who better to host a program that features uplifting stories, dignifying personal profiles and stimulating opinion pieces than Pauley considered one of the most respected figures in American broadcast journalism whose struggle with major mental health challenges she documented in her memoir, the New York Times bestseller Skywriting: a Life out of the Blue.

During our life-time, people diagnosed with bipolar disorder were routinely committed indefinitely to mental health hospitals and institutions. Within the last 20 to 15 years standard medical wisdom was that people with bipolar disorder were not capable of handling the stress of even part-time employment (let alone the pressure of anchoring the most watched morning news program in America) and advised to quit there jobs and live on disability insurance for the rest of their lives.

While Jane did take a respite, she never abandoned the work that she had dedicated her life to. In addition, she took on the challenge of reducing the stigma of mental health challenges by educating the public (and mental health medical community) about the accomplishments and contributions that people in recovery from mental health challenges can achieve if given the opportunity. We will not be sleeping-in on Sunday Morning from now on